Mailing Address:

4200 Warbler Dr.

Fort Collins, CO


School Phone:

(970) 691-5210


Photograph by Doug Treat

Home School Covering

Cornerstone Christian School provides home school covering on a case-by-case basis. However, it is not our central focus and is offered primarily to families who have students enrolled in the school. To participate, families must pay a yearly fee and fulfill basic requirements of record-keeping and accountability.

Classes and Tutoring for Home School Families

Home school students (whether under Cornerstoneís covering or not) are welcome to participate in select classes when space is available. Typically, these are in the areas of math, history, and science. Each student is interviewed to make sure he/she is a good fit for the class of interest. We have dress code and conduct standards that are required for attendance.  The tuition cost per class is currently $45/month. Tutoring costs vary.

Cornerstone Christian School also offers tutoring for secondary math and science subjects after school hours on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday by appointment. Contact the school for details.

Cornerstone Christian School Transcripts and Graduation

Home school students are allowed to graduate from Cornerstone Christian School and participate in our graduation ceremony if they fulfill our requirements for a diploma.  We document each studentís high school credits and help each student select appropriate courses. We work with the families to determine what subjects receive high school credit and how much credit is appropriate for each class. Each student receives an official transcript from Cornerstone when they graduate or transfer to another program.